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Answering Your Common Questions About Computer Coding Camp

Published on May 12, 2019 | Posted in  

Are you thinking about sending your child to computer coding camp, or have they possibly brought up the topic themselves?  It's natural to have questions.  Computer camps are a relatively new form of summer program.  We're one of the oldest computer camps around, and we're only about 20 years old.

So, let's take a moment to answer some of the questions we most frequently hear!

Answering Some FAQs About Computer Coding Camp

  1. What ages can attend computer coding camp?

Generally, we accept students from 7-18 years of age.  However, we have been known to make exceptions for younger students, if they have emotional discipline and/or advanced knowledge for their age.

  1. Does my child need to already be a "whiz kid" with computers?

No, although there should still be some pre-existing interest in computers.  We offer a variety of classes for students of all skill levels.  We can give students their first taste of programming, or help advanced students prepare for a college or career track.

  1. Will my child just sit around playing games?

We understand why some parents are worried about this, and game-playing does form part of the curriculum.  However, students still spend most of their time learning programming and software design techniques.  When they play games, it's usually from an analytical standpoint - understanding AI behavior, design choices, menu layout, and matters like that.

These skills are broadly applicable to programming in general, not just games-programming.  But with the age of the kids involved, focusing on games is the best way to keep them interested and excited.

  1. Are girls welcome at our coding camp?

Absolutely!  We are strong believers in encouraging young women to develop an interest in STEM disciplines and computer programming.  If there is a gender disparity, it's due to the perpetuation of larger societal biases, as well as the unfortunate continuing tendency of "geek culture" to be male-focused.

That's a trend we're happy to help change, and it shifts a little with every girl who comes to coding camp.

Send Your Child to One of The First Computer Coding Camps

When we began Real Programming For Kids (RP4K) in 1998, few could foresee the importance of teaching children coding skills.  Today, we are one of the most well-established and respected coding camps in North America.  To learn more, contact us - or ask about a free trial class

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