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Why You Should Send Your Child to Computer Coding Camp This Summer

Published on May 1, 2019 | Posted in  

Does your child love playing video games?  Do they have an interest in technology like computers or smartphones?  Have they shown an interest in STEM disciplines or future-focused areas like robotics and AI?  If so, computer coding camp could be the perfect summer activity for them!

In these 1-2-week courses, with options for every skill level, your child could learn genuinely useful technology skills they can carry forward to college or their career - and have a great time doing it.

Five Reasons Computer Coding Camp Is A Great Summer Activity

  1. Learn real-world skills

Computer programming is a booming industry, but it's not the only field looking for advanced computer knowledge.  Programming skills are valued in a wide variety of industries and disciplines. Coding camp and the knowledge imparted would be a great addition to their college application or resume - and potentially help them get better wages on the job market.

  1. Avoid fears of automation

A lot of people are genuinely worried about the future of their careers, with robots slowly displacing humans in many fields.  But you know who isn't worried about automation?  The people programming those robots!  Demand for programmers is only going to go up in the years ahead, and there aren't many skillsets that's true of.

  1. Learn collaboration skills

There's an unfortunate stereotype of programmers being loners who spend days and nights locked away with their computer.  That might be true of some hobbyists, but it's absolutely not how things work in the business world.  Software development is a collaborative activity that requires many people all working together towards a shared goal - and this is something we emphasize with our coding camp classes.

  1. Prevent summer learning loss

As many people know, summer break is bad for student learning because they forget many things they learned while spending three months away from the classroom.  Computer coding camp counteracts this!  Since programming pulls from many different disciplines, it gives your child an excellent refresher course - and helps give them a leg up when they return to school in the fall.

  1. It's fun!

Most kids love video games, and those with an interest in computers will also love learning how to make their own games.  This is a rare situation where students can be learning a huge variety of useful skills they can take forward into the rest of their lives, while also doing something they already love.

RP4K Knows Computer Coding 

We are one of North America's oldest and most-respected computer coding camps, with thousands and thousands of successful student guests.  To give your child a head start towards potential technology careers, contact us about reserving a spot!

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