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Why It Makes Sense to Teach Game Design at Computer Coding Camp

Published on February 5, 2019 | Posted in  

Real Programming 4 Kids (RP4K) has one of the oldest and best-establish computer coding camps in the world.  We've been in operation for 19 years - long before most people saw the potential in teaching coding to kids.  In that time, more than 14,000 students have attended our camps and other specialized classes, to the delight of both the kids and their parents.

However, we still frequently get asked, "Why do you teach computer game programming?  Why not something useful?"

Well, in fact, game programming is an excellent teaching tool, for a multitude of reasons.  We actually offer classes in a variety of areas, but for most kids, starting them on computer games just makes sense.

Why We Teach Game Programming at Our Computer Coding Camp

  • Kids are excited by games

Virtually every first-world child today grows up with video games, practically from birth.  Most kids enjoy games, and many are passionate about them.  This makes it easy to get them excited about game programming as well.  Children always learn best when they're genuinely invested in the material.

And few children are going to be invested in topics like spreadsheets and databases.

  • Programming languages can be put to many uses

There's no such thing as a programming language which only makes games.  The same programming skills a child learns when creating a game can be just as easily used for more serious applications later on.

Consider:  if a child learns French, they would be just as able to write French poetry as French history.  It's the same thing here.  Once a child learns a programming language, that knowledge can be applied to any programming task in any field.


  • Game programming involves "useful" skills

Game programming involves mathematics and physics.

Again, these skills are highly portable.  If a child learns how to program a game, they'll be just as ready to program a database in a financial program. In fact programming a game involves more mathematics than programming a financial program! So programming business applications later in life will be a downhill trip if a child learns game programming first!

Computer Coding Camp Creates Great Outcomes

If you want to give your child a head-start with a real-world skill that can turn into true career opportunities, contact RP4K today to reserve their spot in our summer coding camp!

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