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What’s the Best Age for Kids to go to Coding Camp?

Published on July 19, 2019 | Posted in ,  

If your child is expressing an interest in computers, it could be the perfect time to send them to a computer coding camp for kids. 

But what are the benefits of coding camps? And what’s the ideal age for kids to go to a camp? Let’s address these questions.

Why Should Kids go to Coding Camps?

Kids should go to a coding camp because learning computer programming will help them to resolve difficult technical challenges in the future. The camps allow children to explore their creativity. Your child will find creative solutions to a number of issues during their coding work. 

Children will also be given a foundation for success for the rest of their lives when they take the latest coding camp courses. 

Those with programming experience now earn vast sums of money in various industries. The demand for skilled programmers is only set to grow as more industries look for technological solutions to common place challenges. For example, the automation industry is set to become a multi-trillion-dollar field in the next decade.

At What Age Should Children Learn How to Code?

We recommend that children learn how to code as they’re beginning their early education at school. This is when their brain is most receptive to new information. At seven years’ old, students will slowly become familiar with programming concepts and will begin to use programming languages to develop applications. They can begin with Alice or Scratch and then progress to building their own games in Visual Basic, Java, Python, C#, C++ or Unity.   Ultimately though, the earlier your child starts programming, the easier it will be for them to learn.

The key is to select the right program for your child’s current level of interest and experience in computer programming. It’s important that they maintain their interest in the class throughout and that they’re able to see and experience the benefits provided by the class. 

When discussing the options with your child, try to find out more about their preferences; use their current hobbies to determine the best coding camp for them. For example, if they’re interested in Minecraft, you might choose one of the many game design courses offered by our team at Real Programming 4 Kids.

Each of our courses offers a unique insight into computer programming and its real-world value. Ready to book your child’s first class? Call 1 (877) 307-3456 and speak with our team.

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