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Now Accepting Registrations for Fall 2023 live online 18-week RP4K Coding Classes

Published: August 31, 2023

We are now accepting registrations for our 18-week live online RP4K fall 2023 online coding classes. 

RP4K has 24+ years of experience teaching coding to kids with live dedicated instructors not self learning workbooks! 

On June 25 - 2023 I attended a graduation celebration of a past RP4K student. He graduated from a computer programming degree from Seneca in 2021. The celebration had been delayed because of the covid lockdowns. This celebration took place at a wedding and convention centre in Mississauga. To my surprise, the parents of our past student also invited his past RP4K instructor to the celebration. When our past student got up on podium to speak, he thanked his RP4K instructor and me! He gave us both credit for the fact that he has graduated with a programming degree from Seneca, a local Toronto College. In addition, he gave both his RP4K instructor, and I credit for the fact that he now has a career as a programmer in a global HR software company. And he is only 20 years old!

Elliott Bay - RP4K Founder and President

On Saturday evening May 27-2023 I found this amazing message on LinkedIn from a past parent customer named Deanna Koller. She wrote, "Hey Elliot! I thought you would like to know my son, who took several classes/courses with you beginning in 2010 (he was 10 years old), just accepted a position as an Android Developer at an automotive company in Waterloo! It all began at RP4K.... 😊" Recently I found another message on Facebook from another past customer. “Let me pile on….hope you remember us Miles at the Markham location-Evan is with Blizzard in Irvine California, 3dAnimator. I still have his “worms” disc! It is his dream and he is loving it. Thank you!”

6 months ago, Zoe Johnson, a current RP4K customer parent, wrote, “I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that my son will be going to College in the fall to study computer programming, with a lot of the credit going to the courses he has taken at RP4K. The courses helped him identify that programming is his passion, and the knowledge and experiences from your courses have set him on a fulfilling career path! Thank you so much!!”

7 months ago, Jody Bresgi, a current RP4K customer parent wrote, “My son has been with real programming for kids for approximately 8 years and he has completed almost every course they offer. He is now taking elite courses in their curriculum and I can tell you this coding school has changed his life. He is learning University level programming and his brain is being challenged in a way that truly meets his capacity. I have found that every single teacher has been outstanding. I have never had to work to convince my son to stay in this program. He just loves it and understands that what he's learning is going to be pivotal in his life path. Despite his young age, he is quite certain that he wants to study computer sciences in University and he's also certain that this training is going to help him achieve his goals. I've also had many conversations with the owner and I can tell you they are very passionate people who love the work they do and really want to help young people reach their potential. Thank you RP4K!”

These successes happened because we stuck to our methodology of providing a dedicated instructor, in a small class of a maximum of 4 students. RP4K has been teaching coding to kids since 1996 with live dedicated instructors, not self learning workbooks.

Maximum of 4 students per instructor!  

And there is no minimum class size! We put a lot of energy into grouping according to age and ability. This means that we will see many classes with just 2 or 3 students per instructor. Computer coding education is best with small class sizes. We are also offering a special one on one program which may be ideal for some students. 

Online coding classes with a live instructor are available weekday evenings or Saturdays.

The advantages of RP4K’s online weekly program

  • Live dedicated instructors, not self learning!
  • Lower staff turnover – RP4K has been teaching coding to kids since the 1990s! After pivoting to live online classes we witnessed much less staff turnover compared to our previous 20+ year history of in person classes. We even have instructors who have full time careers as professional programmers, who are still teaching for us! The online model makes it easier for them to work full time from 9 to 5 and still teach for us part time on weekday evenings and Saturdays. Lower staff turnover implies more experienced and dedicated instructors!
  • An Education Director and a service representative are available while classes are in progress –This means extra support for the classes in addition to one instructor for each small class of a maximum of 4 students. 
  • Homework– Most of our courses now have homework and quizzes available.
  • Recorded classes– Although we allow for 2 half hour catch up classes during the scope of an 18-week course, students can also watch recordings of classes.

RP4K uses real programming languages!

We will be offering fall 2023 online coding classes in; Java, Python, C#, C++  and Unity. 

To register your child for fall 2023 weekly online RP4K coding classes or to schedule a FREE ONLINE trial class please email us at or call us at 416-469-9676 or 1-877-307-3456

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