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New AI, Math, Unreal Engine & C# Unity courses!

Published: March 4, 2024

We are now researching more AI and Math courses in addition to more programming courses!

Recently we have been focussing our energies on creating AI, Unreal Engine, Math, & C# Unity courses.

Some new course descriptions, difficulty levels and key staff bios follow.

  • Intermediate and Advanced Level AI Courses
  • Available for summer 2024
  • Course creator Eduardo Soto

Eduardo’s Creator Bio:

  • Undergrad Software Engineering (Game Design) McMaster University
  • Masters: Information Technology Digital Media Carleton University
  • 5 years teaching experience at RP4K.
  • IT Professional specializing in CRM databases by day

AI Topics include:

  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • AI for playing Settlers of Catan
  • Intermediate Level Intro to UNREAL ENGINE VISUAL SCRIPTING
  • Starts in March 2024
  • Instructor: Gabe DiBenedetto

Gabe’s bio

Gabriele (Gabe) Dibenedetto is a Georgian College graduate with an Ontario College Diploma in Computer Programming. He has been working for RP4K as a Video Game Programming Instructor since 2017 and has taught hundreds of kids of all ages.

Gabe has worked as a professional Unreal Software Developer in the electric motor vehicle manufacturing sector.

  • Beginner Applied Math for Coders
  • Coming soon
  • Course creator: Tiger Wu

Tiger’s Bio:

Tiger Wu has taught for RP4K since 2018. He has an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto with a good dose of math courses including, calculus, linear algebra, multi variable calculus, statistics, and linear regression.

The theme of this course is about applying age-appropriate math topics to coding projects.

  • Developing Applied Math for Coders
  • Coming soon
  • Course creator: Quinlan Sokol

Quinlan’s Creator Bio:

Quinlan is studying Mathematics at the University of Waterloo. Quinlan is in the 3rd year of his Waterloo Math Co-op program. He has been teaching our more theoretical Math & Physics for Video Game Programmers since 2022. He has also created and taught our Advanced Applied Math for Coders course.

The theme of this course is about applying age-appropriate math topics to coding projects.

Math Topics & Coding applications include:

  • Inequalities
    • Coding Application: Dynamic Rectangle Collision
    • Coding Application: Static Rectangle Collision
    • Coding Application: Pacman Navigation
  • Prime Numbers and Cryptography
    • Coding Application: Prime Encryption
    • Coding Application: Image Encryption
  • Advanced Applied Math & Physics for Coders course taught by Eduardo Soto.
  • Coming soon
  • Instructor: Eduardo Soto

Eduardo’s Instructor bio

Eduardo Soto has now taught our new Advanced Applied Math for Coders course two times. He has been teaching for Real Programming 4 Kids since 2019. Eduardo has taught students a variety of programming languages including Python, Java and C#.

Coding applications include:

  • The Pythagoras Theorem followed by a coding project where the students would code circle collisions.
  • Vectors and matrices with an emphasis on two small coding projects: coding reflection matrices and coding rotation matrices.
  • Physics applications would include coding acceleration and momentum applications.
  • There would be an introduction to graph theory (graph theory is the study of vertices and edges) which would conclude with a project where the students would code planar graphs (planar graphs are graphs where the edges don’t intersect)
  • Elite Pure Math & Physics for Coders course taught by Quinlan Sokol
  • Day/Time: Saturdays (12-2 pm EST)
  • Starting in March 2024
  • Instructor: Quinlan Sokol

This elite level course is our only course that is not a coding course. Math & Physics for video game programmers is a math & physics course. It involves math, physics, examples, and proofs!

Topics include:

  • Derivation of the rotation matrix
  • Derivation of the rotation matrix for pixel screens
  • Speed, velocity, acceleration, and momentum.
  • Proving classic physics formulas including time dilation in special relativity!
  • Graph theory topics include Ramsey’s theorem, proving Euler’s formula for connected planar graphs ( V + F – E = 2), tying everything together to prove that there exist only 5 regular D&D dice. We would also cover Dijkstra’s algorithm.
  • Calculus topics include limits, derivatives, rate of change, using Calculus to sketch functions.
  • Intermediate Level C# Unity
  • Coming soon
  • Course creator: John Krent, RP4K Director of Education

John’s Bio:

John has an Honours Bachelor’s Degree, in Game Design, from Sheridan College. John was our Assistant Director of Education between 2020 and 2022. He was a key team member in our pivot to live online coding classes.

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