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We now offer our famous weekly coding classes all year round.

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4-Student Maximum

With small and intimate class sizes, students enjoy a personalized learning experience.
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Weekly Classes

Our online coding courses give students more learning opportunities on a consistent schedule.

23+ Years Experience

Since 1999, we’ve offered innovative programming courses for kids and are committed to creating new learning opportunities.

Year-round Weekly Classes

We now offer weekly online coding programs in the fall, winter, spring and summer. We have 18-week once-per-week classes beginning in September, October, November, January, February, March and April. We have shorter programs beginning in May, June and July.

Visit the weekly school season program to view some of the benefits of our weekly classes.
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Weekly Classes Schedule

Students attend once per week for 18 weeks.

During the weekly online coding program, students attend Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays at 5 pm or later. They can also attend on Saturdays at 9:30 am or later.

The Benefits of Weekly Coding Classes

Manageable Pace

Our weekly coding classes are designed to work with students to match their learning pace and ensure they’re on their personalized track to success

At-Home Learning

With convenient virtual learning from qualified instructors, our students learn the basics of computer programming in the most comfortable environment — their homes.

Small Group Classes

Each weekly online coding class we offer allows no more than four students per group, to ensure a comfortable and personalized learning environment.

Dedicated Teachers with Industry Experience

Access to Class Recordings

Chosen By You

We polled parents across Canada and beyond, and the results were unanimous —  weekly online coding classes for your kids all year round!

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4-students max per class
Real Canadian instructors
23+ years of experience
Fun important math lessons
Michelle Miles
Michelle Miles
February 6th, 2024Dear Elliott:I just wanted write you a quick message about our son Evan and how his participation in Real Programming for Kids helped shape his success today.When Evan was ten years old (2007), he attended the session your company ran out of Markham Ontario. He was always eager to go and came out at the end of the day satisfied that he had learned something. He eventually created a game called WORMS, which he was very proud of.RP4K kept Evan focused.. It really became the best way to get him excited about making versus just playing games.His passion for game creation continued at Durham College where he attended their Game Development Program. After graduation, he landed jobs with smaller game companies in Toronto including Certain Affinity and Secret Location, jobs that enabled him to apply to his dream job – living in California, working for Blizzard Entertainment on his favorite game, World of Warcraft.RP4K helped to prove to Evan that he could do it and deserved a chance to be a creator and artist, which he now is. Many thanks to you and your instructors for helping to inspire Evan to pursue his dreams.Michelle and Brad MilesPickering, Ontario
Vladimir N
Vladimir N
Our older daughter was accepted into the Computer Science program at the University of Waterloo this year. She has been a student at RP4K since her early teens, progressing from the basic to the most advanced courses over the years. Thank you, teachers at RP4K for igniting her passion for programming at an early age!The practical approach to learning and proprietary teaching methodology RP4K offers worked very well for our younger daughter as well. She also enjoys online programming lessons at RP4K and is following the path of her sister. While she still has 1.5 years of school left till university, she is already considering Computer Science or Math, while already teaching small kids at the local Mathnasium.We can recommend RP4K without any hesitation to anyone who is looking for a quality programming school for their kids. Both our daughters benefitted a lot from these courses over the years. We are very glad we found RP4K pretty early and enrolled both of our daughters every year. Thank you, RP4K!
KNB Learning
KNB Learning
Our son took classes at RP4K over 10 years ago. So why am I writing this review now? Because today, our son is a Software Developer at a prominent international organization, and his start in programming was with RP4K. His classes here were fun, so he was engaged. They modeled and taught the programming skills in games that he liked, and through that engagement, they gave him a foundation that he was able to build upon to advance in his academic studies. At 18 years old, he graduated as a Computer Developer from post-secondary, and he was able to start his career immediately upon graduation with the company he still works at today. Without the classes at RP4K, I don't know that he would have developed the foundations to get so far, so quickly. Life is not a race to be run, by any stretch - but our son was gifted, well beyond what the school system (private and public) could offer him. RP4K gave him what he needed to remain engaged in his education, and it certainly gave him an edge on getting started on achieving his future goals. Reflecting on how far he has come, I thought it was about time to give credit where credit is due. I recommend RP4K to everyone I meet whose child is interested in programming. This is not some light fluff course - it is solid, created by masters in the field, and is worth every penny.
Over a decade ago, I was only 10 when I took my first programming class at RP4K. It was a fun an interactive way to learn, something I didn't get in school. The small class sizes are great. I particularly enjoyed the game development courses. They allowed me to be creative, and inspired my passion for my computer science career path today!
Liza Swale
Liza Swale
My son has been attending Real Programming 4 Kids for 5 years and we couldn't recommend it more highly! As a homeschooling family we have found Real Programming to be a wonderful companion to our journey. My son showed interest and aptitude in math and programming at a young age and Real Programming has challenged and supported him from age 11. At 16 he's now exploring University concepts in math! Amazing!
Zoe Johnson
Zoe Johnson
I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that my son will be going to College in the fall to study computer programming, with a lot of the credit going to the courses he has taken at RP4K. The courses helped him identify that programming is his passion, and the knowledge and experiences from your courses have set him on a fulfilling career path! Thank you so much!!
Jody Bresgi
Jody Bresgi
My son has been with real programming for kids for approximately 8 years and he has completed almost every course they offer. He is now taking elite courses in their curriculum and I can tell you this coding school has changed his life. He is learning University level programming and his brain is being challenged in a way that truly meets his capacity. I have found that every single teacher has been outstanding. I have never had to work to convince my son to stay in this program. He just loves it and understands that what he's learning is going to be pivotal in his life path. Despite his young age, he is quite certain that he wants to study computer sciences in University and he's also certain that this training is going to help him acheive his goals. I've also had many conversations with the owner and I can tell you they are very passionate people who love the work they do and really want to help young people reach their potential. Thank you RP4K!
Gregory Wong
Gregory Wong
I worked for RP4K as a teaching instructor for over 2 years starting in late 2019. The company always made an emphasis on putting our customers first and maintaining the quality of the classes to a very high standard during our meetings and training sessions. Incredible working environment where employees were given endless opportunities to improve on their soft skills and coding skills. Staff always got along well with each other and there was always a strong sense of cohesion. The management figures of RP4K such as Dylan Brunning, John Krent, and Elliot Bay are extremely personable and continuously provided teaching instructors the support, and resources in order for us to have the best chance to succeed. For example, Elliot, the president and owner of RP4K, was kind enough to use his math background in university and math tutoring experience to host math sessions on several occasions for instructors such as myself for the benefit of the quality of the classes we teach as well as for our personal benefit. Overall, I have nothing but good things to say about this organization.
Wonderful place. Wonderful people!
Eric Luedtke
Eric Luedtke
My daughter has been using this programme for 5 years now, and consistently through the past 2 years. She just loves it! It's been helping with her math and science marks, and teaching her a good, in depth understanding of coding. She's gone from doing art as a hobby to considering how her work can be used in such things as game design. She's no longer just a passive consumer of media but now sees our computer as an active piece of equipment in the same vein as her kayak, bicycle and drafting station. RP4K does an excellent job of facilitating this, adapting to her atypical learning challenges, and presenting a very professional online learning interface, which is FAR beyond the Board of Ed. product she has to use. I would recommend this to any parent who wants to give their children the tools needed to thrive in a rapidly changing world, in a format that makes acquiring them the highlight of their week.
I can not recommend RP4K highly enough. I would give them 6 out of 5 stars if I could. When my son asked to try a programming class, I had no idea of the journey he was about to embark on. He is learning practical skills in a programming language used by professionals and loving every minute of it. Zander leaves programming class beaming most days about what he has been able to achieve. This practical, hands-on series of classes is fantastic for the curious mind. It is the perfect course to allow for online engagement in a meaningful way. Zander has completed 3 courses to date and continues to climb up the ladder with the aspiration to eventually be able to create his own game from scratch. The course instills confidence in a practical skill and in math. In addition to being a great program for kids and providing me with a report card to help understand progress, RP4K have been exceptional communicators across the board, Thank-you RP4K! I recommend you every chance I get!Erika
Legend Requium
Legend Requium
My 8 year old son is on his third program with Real Programming 4 Kids and he is loving it! It is the highlight of his week and he is learning so much, making new friends, and using his coding skills in everyday life. I was very impressed with how quickly and seamlessly RP4K was able to transition from in person to online classes. The continuity of the program was very important for my son during the pandemic. While we were happy with the in person classes, we definitely find the online program works for us. My son is able to maintain his program and communicate with his online friends despite the provincial shutdowns, and the quality of the instruction and the program itself is exactly the same. I would highly recommend this program. The customer service is wonderful, the approach is very personalized and it is a fun, fantastic learning opportunity. On a personal note, a giant thank you to RP4K for all the effort you put in to keep our kids coding! During a difficult time, RP4K provided a positive outlet to keep my son connected to his friends.
Julian, age 10, has been enrolled with RP4K for three courses. He has completed classes both in-person, and virtually, with RP4K.Julian had very much enjoyed his first class which had been in-person, and was impressed with how seamlessly RP4K pivoted last March to an online platform. He now prefers this platform. He loves that RP4K offers proper Programming courses, and not simply Coding classes. Each lesson is a mini maths, and science class within the game. Also currently in development are specialized maths courses for Programmers.The students are evaluated prior to placement and RP4K groups students by ability. RP4K is clearly highly selective in their hiring because not only are all of the instructors subject matter experts, they’re skilled in teaching children. It’s one thing to be a good communicator with adults but it’s a gift to be skilled at teaching children. Instructors make classes fun, and engaging by taking mini lessons such as calculating the slope of a line for students at age 9, and making that skill applicable to the child’s interests.RP4K truly offers a unique experience with the depth, breath, and fun that young minds crave.
Carmelita T
Carmelita T
London Location: Our child has been attending RP4K and is in his second year. He really loves coding and wants to build a career around it. As a parent there is great value in these programs --- and we thank RP4K for their flexibility as our child is also an athlete which means we have to reschedule from time to time for competitive sports activities.
Since 2011, our son and daughter have taken 10 courses each with RP4K at two different locations. The courses are very well designed and the instructors have all been wonderful. The admin team at RP4K are focused on ensuring clients have a positive experience and they always go the extra mile - they have been really good to us. Our kids have taken computer programming in school now and are miles ahead. Our experience with RP4K has been a full 5 stars over 7 years - we recommend RP4K very highly. Its simply one of the best things we've done for our children.
pema lai
pema lai
I would rate RP4K and Rob for 6412 stars if I could!!!!! I took a course of Visual Basic Pizza Bandit and it was perfect for a beginner like me. Rob was an excellent instructor. He made the instructions very clear. It was very fun!!! I will definitely join more courses in the coming months.
Chengdu China
Chengdu China
RP4K is very useful and helpful for my son to get in the University of Waterloo computer science program. My son learned C# and had a wonderful time in an educative environment. This course improved his creative thinking through the game he developed by encouraging him to add unique features.
We have two kids who have been on regular enrollment at R4PK for a few years now, so I think we are in a position to judge the effectiveness of the program.My twelve year old son is a strong programmer by now after moving through various languages (VB, C#, C++, Java) and has built enough of a foundation that enables him to pick up new languages (like Javascript) on his own quickly. My younger son is still working through the intermediate courses but has gotten a love for the visual design.My sense is that the program presented by RP4K is effective due to interesting projects (the games line up with what most kids like), small classes and excellent instructors.Both my wife and I are in technical fields and we could have attempted to teach our kids ourselves, but I think there are things that are just done better in a structured class setting.For our boys we prioritized the in-school term programs above the summer camps (although we do the odd summer camp too), although we know parents who do it the other way. But either way, to build strong programming skills, we believe that it is best to sustain this over multiple years and frequent (weekly) exposure. So there is value when taking this path to try and sustain it and see it as a multi-year investment.The tuition can be costly, but given the doors that it could open, I feel it is a sound investment.So I give this a 5 out of 5.
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FAQ About the Weekly Online Coding Classes

Is the weekly online coding program meant for kids or teens?

Both! Our weekly coding for kids programs are suitable for students between 8 and 18 years old. We will accept 7-year-olds on a case-by-case basis.

What’s the educational advantage of weekly online programming classes?

For some students, weekly online coding classes are more effective than summer camp days. In our experience, some students learn better when their classes are spaced out.

Summer camps (even computer camps) have historically been designed to offer a little bit of everything. However, the RP4K pre-COVID, in-person camps focused exclusively on coding. When we switched to an online three hours per day x five consecutive-day model, it seemed too “heavy” for many kids and teens. Our weekly coding classes online for kids spaces things out to optimize learning.

Over 23 years of experience have shown us that many students learn better when the classes are spaced out.
We have also modified our online summer coding camps to be two hours per day instead of three hours per day.

Will RP4K still offer consecutive day summer camps?

Yes, our summer day camps are still available, but we have now decided on only two hours per day for five consecutive days. We feel that virtual summer coding camps should only be two hours per day as opposed to our old pre-COVID three hours day model.

Will recordings and Canvas be in use for the two hours per day x five (or 10) consecutive day summer camps?

Unfortunately, recordings and Canvas will only be available in our weekly school season program.

What have you learned from pivoting to live online classes?

We’ve learned to encourage students to be on camera during class. This improves student engagement and participation in our weekly online coding for kid classes. Parents should also set up their child’s computer station and install the necessary software ahead of the class to ensure sessions run smoothly and your children get the most from their lessons.

Having instructors teaching in a virtual environment has significantly cut down on staff turnover. We’ve seen professional programmers continue to teach on a part-time basis even while they have full-time careers in the game programming industry. One particular instructor (Gabe D.) is a professional Unreal Engine programmer in the electric car industry. He still eagerly continues to teach for RP4K on a part-time basis. This exposes students to real programming professionals!

What did you do in the pre-COVID era? Will you return to that format?

Before COVID, we operated eight brick-and-mortar locations across Ontario. We also offered in-person classes in Winnipeg (where we started in the 1990s) and in-person coding camps in Vancouver.

We feel that the live online teaching model is here to stay. In the future, we may offer some in-person classes in select communities.

Where does RP4K offer weekly online coding classes for kids?

Everywhere! Real Programming 4 Kids offers weekly online coding classes for kids across Canada, and we even have students from other countries, including the United States and Mexico. We also offer our services to kids across Ontario, including but not limited to:
Richmond Hill

Get in touch today to start your child’s free trial and experience the full range of benefits from our online coding classes for kids.
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