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Thul Miles

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Thaya, our 8 year old daughter joined the beginner's coding class at Real Programming 4 Kids in 2017. She absolutely loves everything about the program!! The morning of her second session in the program, I shared with her that I was going to be taking her that afternoon again. She cheered with excitement. I was actually very surprised at her reaction as she seemed to be more excited to attend this extra curricular activity than most birthday parties she is invited to!

I attribute her keenness to the program to 2 things. Firstly, her teacher Justin is amazing. He is kind, patient, funny and calm natured. His enthusiasm for coding really makes it that more enjoyable for the kids as well. Thaya really enjoys learning from him! Secondly, the coding revolves around making a video game that is interactive, creative and fun. Whenever I pick Thaya up the students (and Justin!) are always laughing/smiling, which is wonderful to see!

I would like to add that Real Program 4 Kids' flexibility with make up classes and their sincere willingness to help makes it that much easier for us parents trying to juggle busy schedules. We have never had an issue with scheduling make up classes. In fact, the administrators bend over backwards to help out, which is refreshing given the fact that other programs our daughters have been involved with in the city have not been nearly as accommodating or flexible as RP4K.

I would highly recommend Real Programming 4 Kids and wish we had introduced Thaya earlier to the program!


Thul Miles

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