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Shelly Fernandes

    March 07, 2024
    Day camp (2015 - 2021), Class/program in-person and online (2015 - 2021)
  • CHILD 1
    Age 9 - 15 (Male)
    Program(s) focused in Programming (multi), C++, JAVA

Overall experience

My son Jordan has always had a deep understanding and interest in computer programming; and we couldn’t be happier that our friends introduced us to RP4K. He learned/solidified his understanding of various languages and programs used in the real world, while recreating favourite modern day video games, which is the basic concept from my understanding. The staff were like-minded and very approachable which my son liked. He received a lot of feedback and encouragement and very detailed reports cards each session which encouraged him to keep attending and work his way up to the elite courses which he enjoyed thoroughly. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone that enjoys programming and would like to improve their skills and knowledge in a fun format.

Reason for choosing the camp

I realized at a young age that my son was teaching himself programming and that he really enjoyed it. A few friends with children with similar interests told me about this. I was told by friends that there really wasn’t any school like it and they had looked all over the Toronto area for this type of program. It is expensive but totally worth it.

Program quality and activities

The programs my son took totally aligned with his interests. He has been interested in teaching himself programs and languages for years and being able to make games using these skills was very appealing to him. He has used the skills learned at RP4K to now create games on his own which he really enjoys doing. I feel that Elliot is always involved and talks with the students and keeps in touch regarding upcoming programs he thinks would be suitable for the students. I think he also ensures suitable instructors are hired who share the kids compassion for gaming and programming.

Social dynamics and experience

My child enjoyed meeting other children with similar interests in nice small groups of children roughly the same age. I was not aware of any problems with bullying or anyone being left out during any of the sessions. The instructors were very easy going and allowed the students to do some collaborating and had a good combination of instruction, quiet work timeandchatting/collaboration.

Skills and growth

I believe learning various modern day programs and languages at an increasingly difficult level was an ongoing challenge but in a good way. He was never bored or complacent; instead they were challenged at each new level so that it really felt like they were accomplishing great things, working towards the elite level courses for example. The knowledge he gained through these programming courses meant that he was able to excel in high school computer science, and he is now able to create entire video games on his own. It also encouraged him to work on his math and physics skills because that it turn helps successful programming.


What stood out to me was the teachers obvious interest and compassion towards programming. They also were skilled in making it a fun atmosphere where the kids were able to feel relaxed and comfortable to work at their own pace and ask many questions. I liked that we were given reminders about classes starting, we were allowed make up sessions, and received detailed report cards. Elliot the owner made a point of meeting the students and asking for feedback. The staff and owners are genuinely interested in teaching kids a very useful set of skills.

Advice and tips

My advice would be to definitely have your child attend one free class if this is still offered. At that point you will be able to tell if this is the right place for your child. If they’re interested in video games and programming, I’m pretty sure they’ll love it. I know my child and my friends’ children did and I’m glad we found out about it.

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