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When I first picked up the phone and called you in 2005, I was very excited to hear that you use Visual Basic, a real programming language! Over the next 5 years, my son Brendan has taken three of your Visual Basic Game Programming courses, a C++ course, and a C# course. Brendan is currently enrolled in a Monday evening C# XNA course. where he is involved in learning how to program games for the Xbox 360. I cannot believe that Brendan is working with Programming Technologies that I did not see applied until I was well into my own internet security firms.

Although the Computer Science classes in my son's Private school are good, Real Programming 4 Kid's small class sizes coupled with the fact that the students are programming video games creates a unique, hands-on and fun leaming experience that far surpasses what is usually offered in traditional classrooms.

Your classes are unbelievably small with at most 4 students to an instructor. Currently Brendan is in a group of 3 students learning C# XNA. A small class size is what facilitates Brendan's non-superficial understanding of Computer Programming languages. Brendan is currently with the same students that he was with in last season's C# Shooter course. This creates a great team effort. The kids know each other and work well together.

From your obsessive attention to detail, it is obvious you have put a large effort into developing your courses and grouping students. The theme of programming video games is one that obviously is of interest to kids and teens, and provides an excellent vessel for accumulating valuable skills in program design, logic, mathematics and program coding.

Thank you again for five years of great Game Programming courses, amazing students and cool instructors. These last five years have been outstanding Computer Programming learning experiences for my son Brendan.

I highly recommend Real Programming 4 Kids to other parents, who want to channel their child or teen's current interest in Video Games into a marketable skill in today's world of high tech and a large Video Game industry.

Robert Herjavec
Herjavec Group

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