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Patrice Castagner

An RP4K parent

For the past few years, my son Gabriel has been attending the Real Programming 4 Kids program at St. Mildred's and I believe that with attending this fun, challenging, interactive, structural gaming program that it has aicled Gabriel in being able to achieve excellent marks at school in Math. As this is his first year of high school and being reunited once again in "English" math after spending his grade 7 and R year in French immersion math, I strongly feel that supplementing his English math with RP4K helped hirn achieve the marks he is currently obtaining in his math program at school.

He has achieved no lower than 93% on all his tests and assignments and his teacher has talked about recommending him for the Math completion later on in the school year at the University of Waterloo. I believe that RP4K has given Gabriel the confidence and skills on how to strategically take on and execute a mathematical problem while all the while accomplishing this through gaming.

I didn't want him to lose his English math skills while attending the French Immersion School', so I felt confident that this program would keep his appetite wet for something that he loved to do both math a. gaming. 1 have been told that there is not much difference between English and French math because "math is math" but I would beg to differ. When you are performing the problem solving questions, it can become a little bit tricky and with miss translation of one key word, this could result in an incorrect answer.

Therefore RP4K kept him on his toes and ready to conquer the next phase of his mathematical and academic career. RP4K is a wonderful program and I would recommend it to anyone who loves to game and excels in math. It has been a pleasure working with the administrative team members and instructors over the years.

Patrice Castagner
Burlington, Ontario

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