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Owen Rechtshaffen

  • DATE OF Review
    April 04, 2024
    Day camp, Class/program (online) (2018 - 2024)
    Gaming, C#, C++, Applied Math
    11 - 17 (Male)

Overall experience

RP4K does a great job of creating a close atmosphere and environment in it's classes. The small class size of 2-4 kids ensures that the instructors get to know each kid individually, including their interests and weaknesses. Instructors are then able to focus the material on what the kids are interested in, preventing the material from seeming stale. This combined with the well-qualified staff makes it easy to learn the often complicated coding, game design, and math concepts. The focus on figuring stuff out yourself helps to prevent the common failure of coding camps and classes where kids just end up copying off a screen, and helps develop real problem-solving skills instead.

Program quality and activities

My favourite activity I have done at RP4K is probably program customisation. After finishing the main program or game, and learning the basic concepts, students are given the opportunity to put their skills to the test and implement additional ideas and functions. I found this really fun as well as challenging, as you had to work with the pre-existing code in order to not break anything or overcomplicate a concept. Although it could be overwhelming with so many options available, the instructors' guidance helps focus your ideas into reasonable components and effectively implement your vision.

Social dynamics and experience

The social dynamics at RP4K are a little complicated. The Zoom-based classes limit the social interactions between students, but class discussions and group problem-solving still provide opportunities to work as a group and feel connected. Especially when being introduced to a new concept, the group struggle and challenge of figuring out how it works helps to build a connection over this mutual struggle.


RP4K's instructors and staff are all exceptional. The support staff makes it easy to inform your instructor if you are going to be late or miss a class, and instructors make it easy to review missed material in the event of an absence. All of the instructors are well qualified, with most either being in the middle of, or recent graduates of relevant university programs. They are all very kind and helpful people, with them trying to engage with students and focus material around student interests. My instructors have also done an excellent job of showing what the learned material can be used for by showing off more complicated programs and talking about potential uses of the programming skills being taught.

Advice and tips

Just try to stay engaged. Let your instructor know if you are confused about something or if you want to delve in deeper into a particular concept. Ask questions and try to solve problems on your own first, and generally try your best to follow along. They are fun classes with lots to learn and the most important thing you can do is stay open to learn and have fun.

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