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Lorelei and Richard Rollings

RP4K Parents
Since 2011, our son and daughter have taken 10 courses each with RP4K at two different locations. The courses are very well designed and the instructors have all been wonderful. In fact, most of the instructors have become mentors to our children throughout the 27 weeks they work together. The recruiting process at RP4K works very well to hire kind, patient, engaged and interesting teachers. The kids are always keen to attend their classes and they look forward to it each week. In addition, the admin team at RP4K are highly focused on ensuring clients have a positive experience and they always go the extra mile - they have been really good to us. Our kids have taken computer programming in high school now and they are miles ahead of the curriculum. Our son has recently applied to university and received early acceptance to both computer science and engineering programs. RP4K has certainly contributed to developing his interest and KSAs in the STEM field. 
Our experience with RP4K has been a full 5 stars over 7 years - we recommend RP4K very highly. Its simply one of the best things we've done for our children.
Thanks much, 
Lorelei and Richard
December 7-2018
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