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Kenn Sippell - Previous Student

Senior Software Design Engineer at Bing

Feb 16, 2016

I was a student of Real Programming 4 Kids when I was growing up in Winnipeg,
Manitoba in the 90s. I'm 30 years old now with a life based around programming.
I continued to build video games independently for years after RP4K and even
successfully sold a few. I’ve always loved video games and programming and have
been employed steadily in programming roles since I was 16. Most recently, I left
my role in a Senior Engineering position at Microsoft's to pursue various
startups including a video game startup.
I’ve been thinking about RP4K lately and how much it changed my life. My
instructor was Adrian Cheater, and I have childlike memories of card tricks with
Elliott Bay and a gentle giant named Caveman Bob.
I’m mostly just feeling some nostalgia and a lot of gratitude and wanting to thank
you guys for the opportunities you provided me.

Kenn Sippell
Senior Software Design
Engineering at
Project Manager

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