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Heather McCann

An RP4K parent

I would like to thank Elliott and the teachers at Real Programming 4 Kids for the effort they put into their programs and their interest in the students.

In 2003, when my son was about 10 years old he expressed an interest in making video games. By sheer coincidence I had seen RP4K's ad in the paper that same morning. He enrolled in his first VB course and continued on for 7 years, learning Java, C++, Open GL, Direct X, XNA and C# He also got a good grounding in the mathematical concepts that were introduced to him in school several years later.

Every instructor was fantastic. My son learned from them, enjoyed their enthusiasm and looked up to them as role models. When he was starting to think about university, his instructors were an invaluable source of information, encouragement, anecdotes and suggestions. Since they were only a few years older than him, he listened and learned. He was treated as a friend, not just another student, and got to hear about the university experience from young people who were living it and succeeding at it. He has chosen to continue to study computer sciences at Waterloo and expects to have a good head start on his programming courses.

He enjoyed the other students in his class as they had so much in common. There was plenty of laughter as they played each other's games and the comments and suggestions provided by the other students challenged him and helped him to improve his skills.

Thank you Elliott, for putting such a great program together and for gathering the team to bring it to the public.


Heather McCann
Oakville, Ontario

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