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Fernando Restituto

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My name is Fernando. 10 years ago I was an RP4K student. Now I'm a professional game developer.

RP4K was a really special experience for me during my youth. RP4K got me started with the programming languages that I use today. They walked me through enough programming problems that I was able to -with effort- begin developing games on my own. Everything I learned after RP4K I learned by making bigger and better games.

You don't need years of education to become a game developer, you need years of practice. University is a wonderful place to learn a great many things but game developers become game developers by crafting games.

Thus I feel the most ideal role for education in game development is to give kids a starting skill set, walk them through the creation of a game or two and then encourage them to pursue their own creations with their own hands.

Creative types are ruled by the desire to actualize a vision. Thus the role of the teacher is not only to impart knowledge to the student but also to invoke a sacred creative excitement, a very special "look at what we're going to make happen next!”.

I recommend RP4K for both the practical knowledge that they teach and the creative agency that they invoke.

Creator of Grid Legion

Fernando Restituto O/A Wind Jester Games

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