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Estelle Chapin-Ker

So happy to see this ad!
My son is going into grade 5 and completed an in-person class prior to Covid-19.
RP4K quickly, and seamlessly, pivoted to an online platform.
My son is now completing his second course.
The instructors are knowledgeable, and truly connect with each student.
This is a true programming course and not just coding.
The analytical, math, and logic skills developed here can be transferred to other areas of study and life.

My son worked his way through seeing the consequences of a poor decision he was about to make using a series of if/then statements.
Thank-you for your program and your incredible team.
Julian will be with you through to grade 12 and will be very sad to graduate.

Estelle Chapin-Ker (after finding our ad on Facebook) August 14-2020

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