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An RP4K parent

Sorry for the delay in my response. We have been travelling quite a bit, but I did not forget about responding- now that I am back.

Good for you! I am happy that all the hard work is paying off.

You know that you can always use us as a reference! Chris has greatly benefited from RP4K! he is at UW and WLU in a double degree 5 yr Co-op. He is in his second year now and will be in a work term starting January with a Richmond Hill start up development company. This new program is structured, comprehensive, (difficult?), but in the end he will have a Waterloo Comp Sci. Honours and W.Laurier BBA . He is coasting through, it is not a ride in the park, but his programming basics have given him an amazing start in both his co-op terms. You should be proud of all the wonderful work your efforts are producing!

Feel free to pass on my email to any parent questioning the value of RP4K!


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