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Diana Adjarska-Litzanova

Dear RP4K Team,

After taking all science camps and clubs available in Ottawa my son expressed an interest in computer programming. I started searching for classes but couldn’t find anything interesting until I came across RP4K. I am so grateful I found the program because this is the best thing I have done for my son. He started with RP4K when he was 11, took multiple classes and since then he is spending most of his spare time programming. Last year he wanted to learn Python and the people at RP4K accommodated his needs. He is in Grade 12 now and during the programming classes at his high school he spends most of his time helping the teacher and the other children because his programming skills are way advanced.

After all those years with RP4K he decided to continue with Computer Science and got early acceptance at all universities he applied to. Thank you RP4K for sparkling the passion and helping my son grow. I am sure there is more to come!

Truly Yours

Diana Litzanova, PhD, CPA,CGA

Friday, April-05-19

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