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Deanna Koller

    February 20, 2024
    Class/program (in-person) (2010 - 2014)
  • CHILD 1
    Age 10 - 14 (Male)
    Program(s) focused in Programming (multi)

Overall experience

My son had a fascination with computers at a young age and enjoyed playing computer games. RP4K seemed like a way for him to get "behind the scenes" of the game. He was shy but curious before attending, He was quite proud of his achievements and excited about his new knowledge after each camp. This experience proved to be the foundation of his knowledge as he continued learning on his own in his later teen years, both in computer hardware - by building his own computers, and software - by hosting servers.

Reason for choosing the camp

I chose this camp because of the small ratio of students to leaders. They were very specific with the computer language skills that would be learned at each session, and acknowledgment was given for each level achieved. It was a very expensive camp. compared to the more traditional city camps I was used to putting my kids into, but my son is very bright and needed the challenge and stimulation. The investment was worth it.

Program quality and activities

The camp itinerary was exactly specific to my son's interests. He said, at around 11 years old, he wanted to be a game designer for Nintendo. He was a near pro at Mario Cart. This wasn't an "activity" camp - he pretty much just sat at his desk and learned programming. He attended other camps for his physical activity. My son always ended camp with the work that he created on a thumb drive, and a certificate of achievement.

Social dynamics and experience

My son didn't often speak about the friendships he made at the camps. The time was pretty well focused on your learning at the computer. Although they did share what they were learning with each other. He looked up to his camp instructors a lot and often spoke about them and what they do (besides instructing at the camp). He had no issues with bullying or inclusion.

Skills and growth

My son gained foundational programming experience that became the base for his continued interest in computers and computer programming. He completed most of the available computer classes available at his high school and went on to complete a computer science degree in 2022. He is now a developer for one of the big automotive manufacturers in North America. Those first few steps of learning new programming languages continue to happen in each new environment, and he takes them all on.


I appreciated the low student-to-staff ratio at RP4K. The instructors were all very knowledgeable and keen to help all the students learn programming. It was easy for me to sign up for the programs. Staff were always pleasant to communicate with during pickup and drop-off times. I don't think they had to handle any conflict, as each camper had their own computer to work on and each took turns sharing their work

Advice and tips

If your child has a a keen interest in the programming world of computers, I would investigate RP4K. It was my son's launching pad for what will be a long and successful career in programming. If you are considering other programs, check the student/instructor ratio, confirm what languages they are teaching and if the campers have a way of measuring or acknowledging their success or achievements.

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