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Christopher Goldsworthy

Previous RP4K Instructor

I worked at RP4K as a summer instructor in 2015, and I consider it to have been my first legitimate job. It’s important to realize that in any job, how you fare depends on much more than the work you do; it also depends on, for instance, how you interact with your peers and managers, or how you react in situations where the guidelines for what to do aren’t clear. As almost all the work you do at RP4K is done independently, whether it happens before, during or after a class, you can expect to experience situations which will test your ability as a professional.

Also, if you’re interviewing for software development jobs, it’s worthwhile noting that the position piques people's interest when on a resume. If there's time at the end of an interview, an interviewer is likely to enquire about RP4K and the role itself. I experienced this on three occasions, with one mid-level and two senior-level employees asking me about the role respectively. In summary, I can definitely recommend working at RP4K, as it can provide you with valuable professional experience.

Chris Goldsworthy

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