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Chris Lomond

A former RP4K student

I would love to talk about how RP4K influenced my career choices so far.

RP4K helped me identify very early on in my life a few things that really helped shape my future career direction. Firstly, as a child my parents brought me to many types of camps (art camp, various sports activities, music, and some science/technology camps). The only camps I cared about and enjoyed going to, were the science and technology ones - they were the camps I stayed in. This influenced my focus into Science and Technology activities through middle school and high school.

RP4K helped me identify my desire to be a creator, to be a builder and to aspire as someone who understands and designs technology and products. Not only that, but my time at RP4K helped shape my ability to problem solve "like a software engineer". (identify and understand the problem; break it down into smaller and smaller components until you can understand the whole system). Once in high school, I knew that I enjoyed programming and computer technology, so I chose to take all of the available computer science electives that were available. Beyond that, this continued interest stimulated my desire to go into a Computer Science program, for which I went to the University of Waterloo in their Co-op program.

Some of the more advanced things I worked on at RP4K I put on my initial co-op resume which helped during the first rounds of co-op interviewing. My programming experience meant that I entered the pool of potential interns as someone with previous programming background putting me at an advantage, where many students never did any coding outside of school courses and had greater difficulty landing their intern placements.

That sounds great Elliott (about the Unity/C# course)! Thank you for what you are doing, and I wish you the best of luck!

Chris Lomond

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