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Brandon Smith

A former RP4K student

My name is Brandon Smith, back in grade 5 or 6 I began taking courses from you, which includes Pacman, Asteroids, DirectX and HL Mods, which by the way were awesome courses with
great people. I have officially been programming for 5.5 years and it's all thanks to you guys.
Through your great lessons, I've collected the knowledge to move onto new things. I have officially
explored ASP, Java, VB6, VB NET, C#, C++, HTML, XHTML, XML, and a few other languages. As of
right now I focus in VB NET and C# (practically the same thing :P). Using this knowledge, I've made
programs for my school to read class files and change them into a format that can be read by an
attendance importer, programs that with one click, launch games with all the settings people prefer,
even made an online RPG capable of having 1000 players!

To redo that RPG, my current project is creating an XNA Engine. With over 100,000 lines of
code, my team of 3 other people (one who was Cameron Gamoff, another student at your program)
have used this engine for easy access to the graphics card and we have 3 games in total.

Though I have a small XNA team of 4 programmers, our team, Shadow Blaze Games is
actually a collection of 9 people. We all have our specific jobs and are all managed by 3 people ‐ Me
for Programming, Cameron for Music and Adam for Graphics.

Now, 5 years later, I have begun to remake the first program I ever did made ‐ Pacman. I
have attached the Alpha version of it (requires XNA runtime... 3.5 I think). These graphics were self‐
made so Adam hasn't had his team make better ones and the countdown font takes 5 MB of ram... so
I'll have to scale that later, but I just wanted to show you what I'm now capable of ‐ all thanks to you

And you can quote me on this, RP4K is the best programming school I have ever gone too.
Using all of my knowledge that I have collected, I have already created improving skills that will
make sure I get a professional job in Computer or Game Programming when the time comes.

If there's anything I can do to help you guys with sales or anything like that, let me know.
This includes samples, a few of my open‐source projects, anything.

Hope to talk to you guys,
Brandon Smith

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