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Austin Chamney

Former RP4K Student and Instructor

My name is Austin Chamney, and I have been attending courses at Real Programming for Kids since I was thirteen years old. I started off programming the original Donkey Kong game with the beginner language Visual Basic. By the time I reached 18 years of age, I had attended eight courses at RP4K and programmed in three different languages in ranging difficulties. All of these courses inspired me to go off on my own and create games on my own free time. In total, I have made over 15 games, and I am planning on making several more in the future.

Not only did RP4K inspire me to make games on my own, it also inspired me to pursue a career in computer game development. I am currently enrolled at Carleton University for their computer game development course. So far, I have completed my first semester at Carleton, and thanks to RP4K, I am acing several of my courses. The course COMP 1405 is a java programming course, and I found that I had already learned almost every topic that was taught during the class. I had learned everything I needed to know in the two java courses I attended at RP4K. Another course, COMP 1501, was very easy for me because 50% of the final grade was determined by a game that you have to make. Since I had so much experience making games at RP4K, I was able to make a game quickly, and I achieved a high grade as well.

Next semester at Carleton, I have two more courses in which I will benefit from my knowledge I received from RP4K. These courses are C++ programming, which is the language I took the most courses in, and the continuation of Java programming. Hopefully I will ace these courses as well, and the several other programming courses that are soon to come.

I can definitely say that Real Programming for Kids has been one of the most influential courses of my life. It inspired me to choose my entire career path in game development, and taught me many different skills that will help me be employable.

I hope to talk to both of you at some point in the future. I would like to be able to inspire other kids to enjoy game development as much as I do. If any positions are open as an RP4K teacher in any locations in Ottawa or closer to the Toronto area, I would be happy to work for you.


Austin Chamney

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