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Summer Is the Perfect Time to Learn Something Fun

Published on May 11, 2020 | Posted in , ,  

How will your kids spend their summer? Planning two long months of activities for children is a challenge for every parent. The last few weeks of the school year can drag on for children. The weather warms up and every sunny day feels like an opportunity for a new adventure. When that last day of school finally comes, there’s no sweeter feeling than the freedom of having nothing to do in a day. Let them enjoy it – it’s good to relax the school routines and shift into fun mode.

But what happens when a week’s gone by and they’re moping around the house all the day with nothing to do because their friends have gone to the cottage or camp?

Summer Is a Great Time to Learn

The summer break is an opportunity for learning and enrichment. Learning during the break can help stop “brain drain,” where kids who do not engage in any kind of mental activity over the summer lose some of what they learned throughout the school year. Just putting their minds to a task and giving them a chance to learn new skills keeps their minds sharp and improves retention.

There’s also more time to learn when you’re working on a single subject, without the deadlines of homework and tests, and without having to worry about so many other subjects.

But by far the best part of summer classes for kids is that they get to learn what they want. In school, they have to stick to a rigid curriculum. When you’re signing up for a summer camp, they have more control over what they learn. Explore all the options available and see what interests your kids.

Why Summer Coding Camp?

Coding might be the most fun your kid has ever had while learning a practical new skill. In Real Programming 4 Kids courses, students learn how to code to create a video game. From basic to advanced levels, they’re taught the principals of coding and industry standard coding languages. They learn with programs that show them how code transforms into a video game and they can even create their own games.

Making video games combines creativity with programming and the practical skills that come with it, such as math and problem-solving. At summer coding camp, kids learn the languages and tools they need to put their ideas into practice.

Now’s the perfect time to sign up. We’re offering discounts on summer 2020 camps in June, July, and August. Online coding courses are now available and you can choose your timing, including half-day and full-day programs, lasting 1 to 2 weeks. It’s the perfect way to shake up the summer and give your kid a chance to learn something that excites them. They can also work on their project at home and keep on programming.

Video Games Are a Great Vehicle for Learning

During the long, unstructured days when school’s out, it’s easy for kids to lose hours in front of their screens. Gaming in particular can gobble up a lot of time – and as a parent, you wouldn’t be the only one to be concerned about all that screen time. The good news is: playing video games can be good for kids. Games require problem-solving and strategizing to succeed, games are often a social activity and can help kids make friends, and there are many games out there that inspire interest in history and cultures from around the world.

video game programming for kids

Plus, if you’ve got a young gamer in your household, you have the perfect in for their next summer camp activity. A passion for gaming is easy to channel into a passion for coding. Our coding classes teach students the fundamental coding concepts behind video games, including programming language and mathematic concepts they might not encounter until much later in school. These concepts are related through the process of making a game from scratch. Even higher-level math becomes much less intimidating and easier to understand when students get to see “under the hood” and start learning how games work.

Coding courses for kids are a great way to get young minds that love computers engaged and learning something. They’re learning important skills like:

  • Fundamental math concepts often above their grade;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Programming languages used in the industry today.

Learning how to code is a big leg-up for students across age groups.

Online Courses Can Save Your Summer

With the summer fast approaching, we’re now offering online coding courses for kids. We’ve invested in two new technologies that facilitate online learning for those who are unable to attend in-person classes. It can also help get students ready for a world that’s increasingly adapting to virtual meetings.

A lot of parents may be going into this summer with reservations about online courses, which is why we’re gearing up to make sure students can still have fun and get the most out of summer coding camp. Here’s how we plan to make online learning a success in both our summer camps and year-round coding classes:

  • 4-student maximum class size, just like our regular courses;
  • Learning Management System software, which lets both instructors and parents see overall course progress;
  • Screen Sharing software so that instructors can show students exactly what they need to do and better assist them with solving problems;
  • Providing opportunities for students to move at their own pace by using 2 types of materials: Course Material (lesson material the instructor will demonstrate) and Optional material, such as taking on extra small challenges between lessons and designing their own second video game.

Long-Term Benefits of Learning to Code

When kids learn to code, they’re not only learning a fun new skill, they’re also priming their brains for school, fostering their creativity, and learning a skill that’s valuable on the job market.

Summer Is the Perfect Time to Learn Something Fun

Summer programming camp for kids keeps them learning and thinking during their break. They’ll show up on the first day of school ready to learn and with more retention of what they learned in the previous school year. Coding helps sharpen logical thinking and problem-solving. These are the kinds of questions learning to code constantly brings up: there’s a result you want to achieve, now what tools should you apply to get it? It’s not just math problems, but strategic thinking as a whole.

Those problem-solving skills are applied toward a creative goal. You might think that working with computers is rote, but coding is incredibly freeing. Once kids see the inner workings of the games they play already, they start to imagine all the things they can do on their own.

Computer skills have become more important than ever on the job market and even basic coding competency is a major advantage for a wide spectrum of career opportunities. Not only are coders and programmers in high demand, there are many careers outside of tech where a strong background in coding can be an asset.

Looking for something for your kids to do this summer? Now’s a great time to learn more about coding courses for kids and show them what they’re like. In a free assessment class, they also get to see in the ins and outs of what coding classes are really like to see if it’s right for them. The important thing is that they get to spend their summer doing and learning something that excites them!

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