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RP4K Teacher Profiles: Gabriel Dibenedetto

Published on May 11, 2023
Real Programming 4 Kids would like to profile one of our most advanced teachers, so parents can get a better understanding of what their kids can learn after getting some coding classes under their belts. RP4K hires a range of teachers with computer engineering and computer science backgrounds, and our lessons prioritize fun over everything […]
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The Relationship Between Coding and Mathematics

Published on April 26, 2023
What does it mean when someone says an activity is “like math”? People often say this of activities like chess, as if the calculations you make moving pieces are akin to crunching numbers. Plotting moves on a chessboard doesn’t actually involve numbers, so how can it be mathematical? Learning to code is mathematical too, and […]
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The Many Different Career Paths in IT

Published on April 10, 2023
Parents enroll their children in online coding classes for different reasons, but probably the two most popular are that they’re fun and prepare kids for their eventual entry into the workforce. RP4K puts video games at the centre of what we teach and uses gamification dynamics in class to ensure the sessions are engaging and […]
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The Many Benefits of Studying Coding Twice a Week

Published on March 21, 2023
We have all experienced a tense minute that felt like hours or weeks that felt like a day or two. Time can be an extremely relative, elastic thing. Students learning a new subject tend to absorb the material more fully when they immerse themselves and take multiple dives into the material. Coding students of all […]
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5 Popular Programming Languages in IT Right Now

Published on March 8, 2023
To non-coders, it may seem like there is one thing called “computer programming” or “coding” that is merely one skill. In reality, there are multiple coding languages, each one with its own rules and syntax. Some coding languages are more useful for certain applications than others. Knowing one doesn’t guarantee you can write code for […]
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The Many Advantages of Java Classes for Kids

Published on December 22, 2022
It’s 2022, so most parents know that kids need to understand how “computers” work. Some parents who know that but lack any coding knowledge may struggle to know precisely what to do next. How should kids begin their coding journey or continue it? One of the best coding languages for children to learn is Java, […]
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