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5 Simple Coding Projects for Kids to Tackle During the School Year

Published on November 9, 2023
If you have a son or daughter who’s started to show a keen interest in coding, you’re right to nurture their curiosity. Computer programming is an excellent way to foster key problem-solving and critical thinking skills while cultivating creativity — to name just a few benefits! Fortunately, there are plenty of simple coding projects that […]
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How Weekly Coding Classes Can Enhance Classroom Performance

Published on October 10, 2023
For years, parents have signed their children up for programming courses to prepare them for the workforce of tomorrow. The number of jobs people can apply for when they have excellent coding skills is incredible; not only are there prestigious, high-paying jobs like app or video game developer. There are tons of adjacent jobs in […]
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Tips for Balancing Academics and Coding Simultaneously

Published on September 27, 2023
It isn’t easy serving two masters! People with multiple passions often struggle to find enough time to devote to both. Kids who are hungry to learn computer programming need ample time to study, experiment, and play with the code. Coding is a discipline as open-ended as your skills and imagination. Once you grasp the fundamentals, […]
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Inspiring Others: How Students Can Be Coding Advocates at School

Published on September 11, 2023
Kids and parents tend to have different reasons for learning how to code. For parents, they usually want their children to have a fun, productive extracurricular activity to do after school. Something that puts a smile on their face but also teaches them STEM skills and gives them the tools employers will look for one […]
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How to Keep Kids Motivated for Coding as School Resumes

Published on August 17, 2023
As another summertime wraps up and September approaches, parents everywhere switch gears. The summer months sped by, and somehow, it’s already time for Back to School. Parents wonder where the time went, and kids are no different. Ask the average child if they’d rather play games in summer or be stuck in a classroom learning, […]
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Front-end vs Back-end Development: Understanding the Differences

Published on August 2, 2023
To non-programmers, it may seem like there is one single thing called “coding” that people do to power their favourite apps, websites, and video games. When you start to look a little closer, major differences appear. The digital world relies on front- and back-end development, but there are some coding terms you should know, as […]
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