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Joshua Maitland

2nd Year RP4K Instructor

Joshua began teaching with RP4K in 2019, and has since found a new passion in education. He is a student of Ryerson Universities electrical engineering program, and is expected to graduate at the end of 2020-2021. Joshua first learned to program in high-school when his friend challenged him to join a hackathon where he had to learn basic python in less than a week. Now during his time at Ryerson, Joshua has learned a variety of languages both in class, and through self-study in an attempt to apply it to his hobby of game development.

Working with students at RP4K awoke this newfound passion of educating as they nostalgically reminded Joshua of his eagerness to learn, and excitement of improvement. As a long-time student Joshua knows how he likes to learn and has since adapted his teaching to reflect that. He utilizes a fun learning environment with a challenging pace for optimal learning experiences.

Joshua has developed the current iteration of RP4K’s Developing Galacticat course and Minecraft Mod course.

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